I've been thinking a lot lately about big stuff.  And being a small, one, busy, person, the big stuff can get overwhelming.  I find it so much more attractive to immerse myself in the pretty life rather than the dirty messy business of making sure I'm ethical, acting with integrity and raising my children to do the same (disclaimer fits perfectly here: I know, I know, I Know! that I fail at that quest everyday, moment by moment, but perseverance in the journey is a start).  

And so with an opening paragraph like that, you will think I am copping out, yet again.  But I do so love pretty.  Our house is small*; Our mantra is functionality and aesthetic must be yoked.  Simple terms, if it's ugly and absolutely useless, it's gonna be something less enduring in our lives.  I like permanence for many reasons, one of which is life simplicity (I have that already, I love it and I don't need to trouble getting/finding a new one).  

The little brush and metal dustpan pictured above, are, for me, an example of this mantra.  The brush is a bee brush for working honey hives and the dustpan, a 25 cent flea market find.  This pair sits at our back door, small and ready for sweeping up sandbox sand, straw, and dirt.   

This mantra ideally translates as less maintenance on the outgoing side.  Where we live, garbage pick up does not happen.  This means, if you use something, don't want to keep it, it's going to be you dragging it out your door, piling it in the back of the truck, driving to the dump, unloading it among smells, mud, plastic bags and smoke.  Looking for dissuasion from consumeristic activities, you found it!   

Anyway, the above diatribe was prompted by these linen dish covers, courtesy of Quitokeeto.  I think I'm in love!  I hate all sorts of see-through plastic.  The texture, the feel, the implications of ocean plastic soup, dioxins, fossil fuels, fracking, consumerism.  To me, not a feel good product.  But these beauties, fee-eel-good.  Washable, practical, quality, aesthetically pleasing.  Good-bye saran!

If you liked those, you may also like these soft little sandwich bags, courtesy of Provisions by Food 52.  Ingenious and more practical, open them up for your own lunch tray!  No more crummy desks!

DIY is completely within the realm of possibility as it so gracefully illustrated by the dear folk at The Art of Doing Stuff.  Having some beeswax from this summer's honey extraction, and with very little prep or other materials required, I just may do this project this afternoon!

If only all of life's perplexities were so easily solved!  Ah, not really, navigating those perplexities is constant opportunity for reflection, examination of issues with a certain ponderance while maintaining energy, joy, creativity and compassion.  Challenges are good, eh?

*small is a completely relative word here....I'm talking less than 1400 sq ft.