Practice.  Growing up in a musical home, my sisters and I definitely put our time in on the family anniversary, reunion and birthday circuit.  At the time, it seemed a bit hokey singing "It's a Small World" in matching outfits (really? It was hokey!).  In truth, unbeknownst to us, we were developing ears for each other's voices, cooperative spirits in the harmonies and a connection beyond sisterhood.  Invaluable treasures!  I am so thankful to my mom and dad for encouraging us.  Especially for our father who got us up there, strumming his guitar and leading us along in our melodies.  

My youngest sister and I have been putting our time in again.  Getting ready for a private function that we are doing as a fundraiser.  My longtime friend, Oria, is partnering with some of her local friends in Zimbabwe, to provide women and girls facing challenges with life and work skills.  This bit is culminating in a photo exhibition of the participant's photos at the Bulawayo National Gallery.  

So, for us here on the North America side, the plan is, to sing a bit, play a bit, have some fun.  In the lead-up, we get to get together, collaborate, sing and talk.  Have a beer, watch our kids play, and keep this long time tradition moving.