There's snow on the ground in these pictures.  That says a lot, doesn't it?  I am catching up.  Feels as though life just moves and you're doing your very best to stay with it.  Sometimes it gets a bit away on me, probably the way it does for most people.  I do dream of being in the minority with perfect day planners, up to date software, beautifully labelled pantries and precisely folded underwear drawers.  But most days, I've got mud on my boots, nagging messages from Apple to please quit working in the dark ages and just restart, and thoughts about a yet-to-be-made supper.  That's my life!  

But whenever I need a little perk up, I think about these kids.  They are my nieces and nephews!  They are rough and tumble (try to ride the pig game, anyone?), they sparkle (smiles, giggles, and make weird noises when you try to kiss them good-bye), they're smart (still preschool age and telling their mom exactly how to load round bales on the trailer without mishaps) and amazingly capable (see above).  Here they are, I can hardly wait to see what they become!  Because, I tell you, it's going to be something else!!