This blog posting business is a bit peculiar.  I know there are those of you, however few they may be, reading every post.  Beyond that, I'm unsure if any of these words move from this page, roll around the ether, and into other people's lives.  But I do believe I owe an overdue apology...

You may have, or you may not have, noticed a grand plan didn't get the toehold it needed.  It slipped and fell to the rocks below.  The rocks being real life and this metaphor existing purely because I'm terrified of heights and will never, ever, ever willingly go rock climbing.  Even though I know I'm supposed to live life on the edge, push boundaries, go where fear takes me. Roar!!!  Sorry, it ain't happening! 

For us, this real life consists of small kids, sick family members in other cities, courses to upgrade (on bureaucratic whim), school activities to attend, livestock to feed and tend, bathrooms that need cleaning (everyday), healthy meals to plan and make (not always), doctor's appointments and prescriptions for sore throats, gigs to practice and play, snow to clear, snow to clear, snow to clear and now that the warm sun gazes down, grass to cut, grass to cut, grass to cut, bees to inspect (sad learning curve...), humongo garden to plan and plant, bums to change, laundry to hang, visits with family, beers and coffee with dear friends, phone calls, photo shoots, inventory management, new soap recipes to concoct, old faithful soap recipes to mix, cut, and wrap and so the list goes.  

It's probably much like your life.  Busy, a bit frenetic, punctuated with small, welcome moments of quiet.  And always seeking the calm and beauty in the everyday, ordinary seconds that tick away.  And sometimes, your initial thoughts and plans become less important within the context of other people and their needs.  People to whom I can't turn away from, they are too important and their needs too immediate.  People from whom I don't want to turn away as the next funny, innocent word from their mouth, crazy expression or fabulous dancing move may be just the thing to keep me going and enjoying this wonderful, magical space I've been put in.

I do like my original project intentions.  To pick up the camera.  To use it in different circumstances where I would otherwise shy away due to subject matter or lighting. To capture a moment as it appears.  To develop technical skills that can always, always stand honing.  To be fast on the trigger.  And for that, I am embracing the above statements and using them to guide me.  However, it hasn't translated into daily images on this blog.  And with life, there are always priorities to be made and the resulting sacrifices.  The sacrifice in this case was Blog 365.

So, my apologies to you whom I may have let down or disappointed with my inconsistencies.   I am sorry.  But I do hold to the idea, the scheme of it all.  And with that, for those of you venturing this far down the page, here are a few images from the past months.