It's the weekend!  And that means simple Saturday morning rituals.  For us, it's coffee out on the screened porch when the weather is reasonable and all you might need is a wool blanket to be comfortable.  Cooler weather means coffee by the fire.  But for now, it's all about the porch.

We'll be busy with a garage sale and then head off to my sister and brother-in-law's cattle branding in the afternoon.  No doubt, it'll be busy!  But it will feel so, so good to downsize the number of things we've been holding on to.  A few furniture pieces are some that I'm reluctant to let go of but I know it will be a cathartic moment for me once it's all gone!  How about for you, any items you know should go but you keep holding on to, just for the sake of having it or the "someday" thought??

For your coffee drinking enjoyment, here are some finds that I thought were intriguing...

  • I have a serious weakness for melting, heartbreaking harmonies.  I found a newly posted video of  Mandolin Orange shot within a big colourful art installation.  I am smitten!
  • Summer is here!  And school is almost out which means having snacks on hand, especially cold ones to eat outside while running through the sprinkler.  Healthy fudgisicles are just the ticket!
  • The Exodus Road project.  For when I begin to feel discouraged about all the hurt in this world, people are doing something, and doing it effectively!
  • To me, this is the ultimate little summer house!  In fact, I would be quite glad to live there year-round.  I have such a love of houses that offer flexibility between seasons and bridge the indoors-outdoors.
  • Tanya Tagaq, one of my favourite musicians, has been nominated for a Polaris Prize for her album Animism!
  • Oh, I love the simplicity of these images!  Inspiration!
  • And finally, I've been experimenting a lot with a variety of oils for facial serums.  Here is some information about one of my favourites,

And with that, have a great weekend!  Enjoy your plans and we will see you next week!  Cheers!