The weekend has arrived!  We are out the door and off to a family reunion.  It will be a perfect time to chat, laugh, watch our children run around, eat, eat, and catch up.  As busy as they are, family reunions can still be a wonderful opportunity to evaluate where you are in life.  Not the terror-soaked, self-critquing kind of examination your high-school reunion may induce.  Rather, it's time to think about generational connections, traditions and even your level of contented living.  There is certain to be "what are you busy at?", "how old is so and so?  That means grade xxx, right?", comments and questions.  These simple inquiries can parlay into a self and family evaluation.  Are we trekking the path we set out to in the beginning?  If not, why?  What's changed?  If yes, are we still good with our initial goals?

So with that little paragraph, here are some other things I was thinking about this week, or caught my eye...

Women's issues or not, this article (language warning!) will challenge how you think about every issue.  I love the author's point, "because tomorrow you get to choose again.  And that keeps happening every day for the rest of your life."  

This made me laugh!  Wry humour with pensively styled cynicism!  I love the captions for each image.

While the above made me laugh, these images by Oleg were a bit unsettling, despite their beauty.

Always looking for simple activities that can be done indoors or outdoors for a range of ages!  This is probably one of the simplest and can be room decor, paperweights, door stoppers even, if you go big enough!

Feeling overwhelmed by trying to fit everything into the eight weeks of summer?  This article may offer some perspective.

If you have a while to sit, Montana Public Radio did a show on the rise of women in agriculture. Two statements in the third segment about "living a juxtaposition" and "blending work and life" struck a chord.

And if you are sitting there drinking coffee, this seems quite appropriate.


And with that, I'm off to go serve burgers, with tomato and lettuce of course, and potato salad!  Have a wonderful weekend!