This is a horse.  A horse here in Canada.  Nothing too remarkable about that.  There are many horses in Canada.  But this horse's person lives far away.  In Europe.  Miss N. is a pretty amazing lady.  She came here, by herself, to the middle of almost nowhere, to stay for a year.  She learned how to ride, work cattle, train horses, make cheese, fix fence, and take care of chickens.  She said she liked the space here.  She always smiled.  She made many friends, because how could you not like Miss N.?  Miss N returned home last fall to continue her studies and then she came back this summer for a few weeks visit.  We took pictures so she could take a little bit of Tim, her horse she started and broke, back with her while she heads back to her studies.

Tim was pretty hilarious.  He's a definite personality.  He wasn't very keen on this portraiture stuff and had one little hissy fit.  But I think his kind eye showed nicely in these pictures and he was willing on the far shots.  I really couldn't blame him for his wariness, photography means a lot of sneaking around, crouched low.  Something like a lion in the grass?  Likely the closest I'll ever be perceived as a lion in the grass as graceful did not come with my genetic kit.  And we made him do a lot of things a relatively young horse might have some issues with, bareback, saddle, round pen, trail riding and swimming in the river.  But I do hope these images convey the gist of Tim, and the closeness between him and Miss N. (check out the inside ear on those round pen shots!).

Look at that look!  It's too much!  I don't know if it makes me want to laugh or cry!

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