This is a post about Bob, and Bob's family.  As background, my youngest sister, Sara, and I call him that, purely for the juvenile pleasure of irritating him.  His real name is Robert and we, the three of us, get together to play some hillbilly indie music.  

We met Robert by chance really.  The story goes, we needed a guitarist for a fundraising gig we did last winter.  We knew the manager of the local liquor store played a mean guitar and thus the handle, Liquor Bob, was born, much to his constant chagrin and disgust.  Ha ha!  Sara and I love to giggle at that!  See, juvenile!  But he is like a younger brother and we have some pretty fun times when we get together for practices.  We spend some time with our band mascot, commonly known as gin and tonic.  Sara keeps Robert and I from rambling in between tunes and we watch Robert play numerous songs with over-the-top facial expressions and crazy timing, and Robert patiently abides Sara's and my loopy, huh-what? looks and laughs.

Robert is pretty rock solid.  And he has a pretty cool wife, Pam, who we've gotten to know too.  It's a great deal all round.  Robert and Pam also have upped the ---factor with the arrival of their little girl this summer.  So practices mean some baby-visit and holding time too.  How much better can it be?  I like this family, I like them a lot.  And I was honoured to take some pictures of them when they asked!

We hiked into Asessippi Park on a beautiful, warm Sunday afternoon.  It was short hike through big blue bluestem and poplar woods to end at an outlook over Lake of the Prairies.  We tried to catch the sun but it was a little reluctant to stay for more than a minute or two at a time.  Was a great little venture out into the great outdoors.  I had a great time and I think they did too.  Baby girl started to get a little tired on the walk back but for the most part was one of the most alert little babies I have seen.  Altogether sweetness.

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