Thought I might write a bite, Freudian slip!, I meant "bit", about my favourite five things. These things have been little bright lights in the past two weeks.  Pick-me-ups that help soften life's gritty times.  It's been needed!  I've been walking around lately in a bit of a drug-induced stupor, with a slight edge.  I know!  No need to be grumpy, now!!!  

But I am not a patient patient, especially when it comes to anything that comes between me and my food.  But a four-wisdom-tooth extraction coupled with a nasty stomach virus (excellent timing, I'd say! Did you catch my sarcasm?  Was it too subtle?), did exactly that!  An unexpected ten day slump.  So here, in case you are not at your best and needing some spirit-lifting:

  • This is first thing is actually two things because I couldn't decide.  Victoria Beach Tea with apple bits, hibiscus and rosebuds reminds me of childhood summer days at said beach, has actual rosebuds! and has such a delicate taste.  Second, the Pumpkin Chai Fruit Infusion simply because it is the most beautiful colour when steeped!  And because it has fig, beetroot, apple, cranberry and pistachios!  Cornelia Bean tea does such a great job in blending their own teas!
  • Antler earrings by Manitoba artisan, Earthy Designs.  Next time, I'm going to purchase the matching bracelet!
  • PipCreek's Calm Essential Oil Blend.  I know, I make it but I love it!  Perfect booster and tension easer for when I was scrunched up and uncomfortable with pain.  It has frankincense, tangerine, lavender, elemi and fir among other essential oils.  Aaah, relaxation.....
  • Feathers.  During Christmas, I was a little crafty and made a simple white and gold paper feather garland using this Lia Griffith tutorial as inspiration.  I've kept it up because I like the gold mica against the white. 
  • Ginger.  Slice and drop into chicken broth, pour over rice.  Sticky rice adds extra comfort factor.  

Confession, there were six things on my list.  But the sixth thing, sadly, was not available for photographing.  It's my new go to for a soft food diet and trumps smoothies in all cases and that is honey drizzled on brie cheese.  Cue angel voices now.

 This photo is from Woodfired Kitchen.  The recipe is simple.  Grab brie, drizzle with honey.  Eat.  You can slide some of this goodness onto crusty bread too, if you like. Perfect bedtime snack!  Note, mine sadly did not feature black truffle honey.