It's been a wonderfully busy time here, almost to the point where we are craving snow.  The woodshed is nearly full, the hay is in, the garden has been dug except for some hardy leeks, and the most of the canning and preserving has slowed down.  We are enjoying the fruits of our labours.

But we've also been busy with a few other things we want to share with you.  With so much beauty around us, changing with each week of the each season, it's hard to stop being busy.  There have been dye pots going with collected plants colouring fabric.  I've been busy sketching some of the animals common to our area and then carving the sketches out to make block prints.

And what did all this busyness become?   


1.  Our un-Plastic wrap is now block-printed for a more vivid design!  You can still purchase them in sets of three-one of each size featuring a bird, a feather and a nest, sets of three 7" x 8" owls and single mediums.  But also, due to requests, we now also offer 2-packs of the 10" x 11" wraps featuring one each of a feather and a frond.  Toss the plastic wrap!  Take one small step for humankind right there in your kitchen!

2. Tea Towels to pretty up your cooking in the kitchen.  They feature foxes with thoughtful expressions, hares and badgers.  Our tea towels are workhorses in our kitchen, being used to dry dishes, as pot holders for the cast iron pan handles that become sooo hot!, and to wipe small spills.  These large tea towels are 100% cotton and are the flour sack variety.  We love them as they dry quickly between uses and don't leave lint in the way the terry towels do.

3.  Café aprons for the workshop, kitchen, garden or studio.  I love aprons!  Almost as much as I love bowls, bowls being my shopping kryptonite!  And I especially love useful aprons, ones with large pockets and ones with long ties so they are easy to secure.  Our aprons have both of these features!  Long ties to wrap around your waist and tie in front.  Large pockets to put a notebook in, tools, or your phone for podcasts.

4. Woodland creatures of all sizes and expressions have graced pillows and pillow covers.  These are block-printed in the same fashion as our tea towels.  The first step is to make a sketch and then carve out a relief on a block.  The block is inked for each image and then stamped on the fabric.  It's a slow meditative process that is perfect for early mornings or long afternoons.  And it makes for beautiful images on generous 20" x 20" pillows or zippered pillow covers made of cotton and cotton-linen blends.

5. We've wandered through our garden, yard and other properties to gather berries, leaves and mud.  Something like squirrels, I suppose.  But rather than keeping it for another time, we've wrapped it all in fabric to make stunning colours and unique designs.  Each cloth is different.  No two are the same.  The seasons change the colours each plant makes.  The process also changes the depths and tones of the colours.  

Sometimes we can't help but block print some with feathers, waves or animals.   It can be very, very difficult not too, reckless creatures we are!

We use these versatile cloths as handbags or totes when paired with our leather handles, or to wrap up potluck dishes or to take lunch out to the bush or field.  It's called furoshiki and is based on Japanese techniques.  

There you have it, a quick peek into the goings on of what has kept us busy in the workshop for the past month or so!  All of this is already in the shop or coming to the Etsy shop in the next few days!