I am always in awe of the change a new baby brings to a home.  In a matter of moments, the home begins to move to a different rhythm of laundry piles, hospital flowers and cards, happy faces and tired sighs.  One little person causes an immediate crescendo of simultaneous busyness and calm.

The shifting daily cadence becomes a little tune of love and welcome from the family to the little one.  The stacks of diapers, quiet afternoons of catching up on stolen sleep, early mornings of cool floors creaking underfoot as baby is rocked for please just one more hour of sleep, all speak to this new schedule of baby.  

I had the privilege of being privy to this ritual a week or so ago.  A new baby girl came home to a family of three, and thereby made them, irreversibly, a family of four.  Her big brother was deftly handling his new title of older sibling with gentle kisses and hugs.  I watched as he wiped his cheek after each kiss as though he'd been used to slobbery kisses for years.  Her parents were calm and clearly in love with this new baby girl.  They worked as a team through diaper changes and cookie snacks for brother.