On Saturday morning, a bunch of fun arrived at my door!  The weather was cool and misty out, the lilacs giving off their heady springtime scent. A group of women, spanning generations and distance, and, for the most part not knowing each other, came to make bread together.  Aprons tied and hair pulled back, bread began to form around a tiny sphere of community and connection.

Greeting everyone was local organic spelt, golden flax and rye ready to be put through the mill, and for each person, a Pipcreek café apron and a stunning Mud + Stone bowl.  I truly can't say enough about the beautiful bread bowls created by Mud + Stone, each different in hues of grey, blue and white.  Jenn and Lynne have an admirably mastery of their wheel and glaze.  I wish I had one for myself!  

Whilst waiting for the country loaves and artisan boules to rise, lunch was served.  The first course was a chilled asparagus soup, picked by my children from our steady asparagus patch.  This patch was here when we moved to this place and is renowned throughout our tiny town!  


The second course was a Harvest bacon, nectarine and bocconcini salad.  The nectarine was what our grocery store, aptly named Friendly's, had in stock.  I am fairly certain our store is one of the smallest markets in Manitoba but is central to our community.  I must remember to post on it sometime!  Garden sage and a Wendell Honey balsamic reduction dressed the salad.

The main course was a soft-boiled farm egg on fresh biscuit with spring greens, chive flower and pansy.  And of course dessert!  Vanilla ice cream with maple syrup and spruce tips picked from the edge of our kitchen garden.


When I was thinking of this gathering, I had hoped to provide a place where people felt comfortable to be themselves.  Where, if they wanted, they could come to just be, without pretence.  I had hoped our home would feel like their's, couches, porches and all.  Instead, the whole scenario flipped around, upended itself and it was me who was doing the receiving.  This tiny gathering of people radiated energy and laughter; I came away renewed from the warmth and relationship.  

I am thrilled to be in the midst of planning other workshops for the rest of the calendar year.  If you would like, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to be kept up to date with new gatherings!

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