Are you on your couch?  Or perhaps still all cozy in your jammies, feet tucked under your covers?  Coffee in hand?  What exactly is it about Saturdays that call for at least a few minutes of regroup?  The busy week that was?  The stuff to do next week?  

My week was spent here, getting my little online pop-up shop ready, playing around with timers and tripods (fun!), getting this year's annual advertising campaign ready for the local agricultural society (ha! Campaign! like I'm a pro or something.  I'm not, rather they place high value on volunteers, any volunteers, even ones like moi) and running children to rinks amongst all the other day to day jobs.    

Yesterday, I wrote about some of the traditional Romanian hand-woven pieces that are common to our little area of the Canadian prairies.  Today, I'm sharing textiles and their people and places here.  A little round-up, enough for a cup of coffee before you head over to do laundry, make your bed or walk the dog.

1.  First, are the traditional Welsh blankets and pillows featured here, on Remodelista, in the vacation rentals FForest offers. They look so cozy, don't they?  A certain weight to them can be felt, even just in the photos.  Up against the rough wood and modern platform bed, the blankets hold their own in a classic, timeless way.  I can just imagine coming in to the house, damp and chilled from being outside, and being so thankful for one of these beautiful pieces to warm up in.

Photo taken by  James Gardiner .  Image from  Remodelista.

Photo taken by James Gardiner.  Image from Remodelista.

Image by James Lynch, image from  Remodelista

Image by James Lynch, image from Remodelista

2.  Clean contrasts are what I love here, with these textiles.  Finnish textile designer Johanna Gullichsen, as seen on The Style Files creates blankets, baskets and cushion covers with beautiful lines that look beautiful up against rustic beams and wooden homes.  

Image from  The Style Files

Image from The Style Files

Image from  The Style Files

Image from The Style Files

3. Inigo and Scout are a UK company that coordinates the creation of beautiful blankets in small runs, designed by different artists.  I love the premise here though.  For each blanket created, ten are given to children who are ill or injured in hospital.  There's something that touches my heart about art giving comfort to those in the most vulnerable of situations.  The thought of a warm, heavy blanket created just for the very purpose of being wrapped around someone who might be hurting and scared is enough to make me tear up.  And the designs are exquisite, inspired by landscapes and the sea.

Photo from  Inigo and Scout

Photo from Inigo and Scout

Beautiful, all of them, aren't they?  I love how each company has its motivation and its sense of place.  And all of them are timeless.  It seems to me, any one of these could have been purchased years ago and the initial thought and workmanship would have overridden any temporary trends or fads.  Makes me think, again, and acts as a reminder to truly consider what I own, what I make, what I invest myself in.    

And now!  Off to do some household chores (wash the floors!), sort recycling, feed cows, that sort of deal.  And then??? I'm not sure, oh! the fun of an unplanned, rather open feeling Saturday on a beautiful winter's day.  Where are you off to?  Have the very best of days wherever you may find yourself!