Grass.  The way it begins.  The way it ends.   

 It has often been said you can't grow cows unless you've made sure good grass is beneath them.  And so we grass feed and grass finish our cows.  That means pasture in summer, hay in winter with salt and minerals as the only add-ons.  Our animals do not receive any antibiotics or hormones, unless treating for illness which rarely occurs.  

Our herd consists of Dexters, an Irish breed known for its high grade carcass quality.  You will notice the meat is lean, tender and flavourful.  Because Dexters are smaller animals, the cuts are smaller and a beef half will easily fit in apartment-size freezers.  

Grassfed beef: 

  • Is four times higher in Vitamin E than conventional/grain-finished beef.
  • Has less total fat, cholesterol and calories than conventional/grain-finished beef.  Grassfed beef fat concentrations are comparable to bison and skinless chicken breast.
  • Has higher ratios of Omega 3- Fatty Acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, whose properties have been linked with reduced cancer and heart disease probabilities. 
  • Requires fewer fossil fuels to produce. 
  • Experiences less stress than feedlot cattle.

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Beef Orders

We sell our beef by the whole, half or quarter.  We are now taking orders for the 2014 season!   

Whole, half or quarter                                $4.25/lb, carcass weight, includes custom cut and wrap, delivery to Winnipeg area

Ground Beef

$3.75/lb extra lean


You can use our Contact Us page or call 204.821. 5076.