Hand-painted DEER Tea Towel- Flour Sack Cotton

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Hand-painted DEER Tea Towel- Flour Sack Cotton


These tea towels are what your wine glasses need.  They dry, wiping the glass clean, and are light enough to air dry between uses.  We use them in our own kitchen; The towels we always reach for.

Individually hand-painted with non-toxic paint. Set of two.  

Inspired by the whitetail does that walk through our woods.   One tea towel features a doe.  The second is painted with a leaf pattern. 

100% Flour Sack Cotton.  Regular wash.  Tumble dry.  Avoid bleach or whitening products on the painted areas.

28" x 28"

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This hand-painted, and absorbent tea towel is made with 100% flour-sack style cotton.  Each towel is painted by hand in our studio.  Its open weave dries quickly between washes.


100% cotton

Machine wash gentle. Tumble dry or Line dry.