Un-Plastic Beeswax Food Wrap- 2 Mediums

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Un-Plastic Beeswax Food Wrap- 2 Mediums


Pipcreek Un-Plastic Beeswax Food Wrap is a biodegradable, hand-crafted alternative to plastic food wraps.  Each wrap is blockprinted with non-toxic ink.  The blockprints are carved here using sketches inspired by local plants and animals that are key to our life.  

Un-Plastic Beeswax Food Wrap is great for storing cheeses, dried cured sausages, fruits, avocado halves, over salad bowls.  You can also use it to wrap granola bars, cookies and sandwiches.  Please use only on cooled foods and do not put it in the oven or microwave as this can damage the food wrap.

Each package has two medium (10" x 11") wraps, each with a different blockprint pattern.

The Feather + Frond set features one wrap with a feather and the second with two frond leaves.

Artemesia + Queen Anne's Lace set features one wrap with an Artemesia plant and a second one with a circle carved out with Queen Anne's Lace.  

Simply clean by washing in cool to cold water using a gentle detergent.  Crumbs can be removed by placing beeswax wrap briefly in freezer and brushing with a gentle brush or cloth.  Air dry or towel dry and place in drawer or storage place.  

Individually block-printed Un-Plastic Beeswax Food Wrap

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