Rural.  Simple.  And loving the good life.  This is a recipe for us.  



This recipe for the good life translates into a love for our children and the mesmerizing small moments they bring us.  It's easy to stop, watch and then become immersed in that wee tiny space.  

There are so many places life brings us!  Together with each other, with little ones and elder ones.  I love photography as a way to hold on to that one moment, to help remember a grin or a touch which all mixes for a rush of emotion.  It's the details that count and that can so easily get lost in the day to day and in the years that pass.  One image can hold so much.  I love to help families celebrate engagements, marriage, pregnancy, babies and the babies that grow up.  



We live for and raise good food in our garden and the pasture.  That's why we keep a small herd of Dexter grass fed cows, a flock of primarily Partridge and Buff Chantecler laying hens and determinedly pick and preserve from our garden and orchard trees.  Our cows are raised on pasture, only given antibiotics if absolutely necessary (ie. they are sick or injured) and fed hay in the winter.  We make our own hay on land that isn't sprayed or receiving chemical fertilization.  We live near Inglis, MB, a tiny town known for its "Prairie Giants", the Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site.  Our beef is available to buy by the whole, half or quarter. 


100% natural and handcrafted.  That's our soap and bath products in a one number and three word sentence.  How does it translate into ingredients?  Essential oils, plant based oils and other ingredients found in nature.  Often you'll see limited edition soaps where seasonally wildcrafted ingredients are included.  Maple sap, honey from our hives, flowers from the garden and other plants may find their way into our products.                                                ΩFor you, it means no worrying about phthalates, paragons and petrochemicals.  We choose these materials for our children and the environment they will inherit from us.